Herobear and the kid SUPER CLUB!

We've launched a fun new site for Herobear and the kid goodness. It is a in the vein of a comic and television and radio clubs! You can find it on PATREON. 
Here is the link . . .

Here you'll find art exclusives,
secret decoder messages,
membership cards,
and fun behind-the scenes-stuff
for Herobear and Tyler's world. 

Take a look and we hope you come join the adventure! 




Brand New ABC Book!

Hey everyone!

We're excited to share my brand new ABC book now being launched on KICKSTARTER!
here's the The Origin of the ABC's . . .

Please check it out and share!  We hope you enjoy it! 

ABC KickstarterLaunch

Front Cover

This blog post was brought to you by the Letter K

A.J. Kunkel's FIRST BOOK!

Young author A.J. Kunkel has finished his VERY FIRST BOOK! And it is now on Amazon! it really is an awesome little book of poems filled with humor, deep resonance, and cool storytelling. 

Grab one on Amazon.com at this link
order one here on the Astonish Site and get 1 of the 50 Autographed copies along with a special limited edition "Timmy and the moon piece" poem print with art by Mike Kunkel and poem written by A.J. Kunkel! 

Either way, check it out and let's see if we can get some goodness shared out there in the world. . .

New Herobear and the Kid comic strip "Moments"

Lotsa new Herobear this year!  . . . i'm alsoooo  gonna be doing some little fun Herobear and the kid comic strip style stories simply called "Moments."   These may be one panel, 4 panels, 10 panels. . . but they'll be fun to do to tell scribbly lil' bite-size moments with Herobear and Tyler . . . i'll be posting them on Facebook and also here on the ol' Astonish Factory blog . . .
here's the first one: "sharing"

HerobearComicStrip 1_011714flatweb.jpg