Welcome to the world of Mike Kunkel's GROMMITTS!

Setting out to capture the enjoyment of being an active kid and all the fun and appeal and style always offered by the ASTONISH FACTORY, Herobear creator Mike Kunkel has brought us the brand new creation . . . GROMMITTS.  Whether on a T-shirt or a Notebook, these fun little creatures are out to share fun. 



What?!  You don't have any GROMMITTS stuff yet?

  Well, come enjoy all the fun items with KID FIN, his sister SWIRL, their robot BATTERY BOY, and their friend FRAZZ!   

WHERE are all the GROMMITTS characters are finding their way onto all kinds of fun merchandise? HERE. . .
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ENJOY Checking out all the fun GROMMITTS GEAR with all your favorite characters!

Kid Fin reminds you to "Be cool, Poppa. "

Kid Fin reminds you to "Be cool, Poppa. "

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